May 2nd, 2011

pig beta

Remix + some madness

Remix is up/open, so I got to read the Hikaru no Go Remix that popped up for me. It's cute and features riled-up Touya, so I enjoyed it. There was also a Kamen Rider Kabuto fic, unexpectedly, which I enjoyed.

I meant to write stuff for remix madness and other things this weekend, but then i blew the whole weekend shopping for and putting up summer curtains in my bedroom (don't even ask) and then messing up the tama/nika nails planting bulbs in pots. so if everything sprouts, I'll have two hostas, two bleeding hearts, some basil, and a bunch of grass for the guinea pigs.

i'm hopeful I can grow grass at least. i can always start over if i have to, since I have a hilarious amount of grass seed now when i needed, like, a fistful.

anyway, i managed two Remix Madness things tonight, and then was interrupted by the news telling me five times what the president was going to say before he actually said it. i wonder if he gets really annoyed that he really never gets to announce anything for real?

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It was the best value FOR THEM

This penny arcade strip for serious cracked me up. this is exactly how i felt about it when Neopets went from neopoints, which you earned by diddling around the site, to neocash, which you spent actual money on (in the neomall no less!). It's not that I don't understand that people do it, but it does make me lol.

I had two surprise bleeding incidents at the gym, neither of which was the usual monthly one, which indicates to me that a third one is in my near future. my body and I are no longer speaking (are we ever speaking?) and also I bled all over the back of my sneaker. what the actual fuck.

Now I'm eating ume puffs (like cheese puffs, but sour plum) and ume is just like my second favorite thing to eat, after melon-flavored stuff. also the Daily Show seems unreasonably hilarious tonight, but maybe that's just the lack of sleep and some minor blood loss.

here, have my dressed up juggling Ampharos, who is apparently locked to my party until I finish this whole expedition.

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