May 9th, 2011

hopelessly deadlocked

Fic, Nobuta wo Produce, Attention (The National Deficit Remix)

Title: Attention (The National Deficit Remix) [Shuuji/Akira]
Rating/Warnings: PG for breaking in the new apartment.
Summary: Akira's job is to make Shuuji pay attention to what's important
AN: Written for Jain for 2011 Remix Madness during Remix Redux 9, a remix of her fic Attention. We always used to get each other during these things, so I thought it'd be funny to remix her yet again.

Also, we just finished watching Nobuta during drama night, and I hadn't seen it before and had no idea Yuto was in it to play the cutest little brother ever in the universe. Yuto ♥

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