May 16th, 2011


Linda Linda Linda

I had a really good time in NYC with daisy_chan and longleggedgit all of today. The weather was sort of poor, but that happens any time I go there anyway, just about. We had lunch at a new conbini (it's where the BookOff used to be?) and did some karaoke and then I spent a bunch of money at the Kino's cause longleggedgit is an enabler.

Also I crocheted six octopi on the train, although they aren't stuffed and I have to get stuff for eyes. i fiddled with the directions some (i did eight spirals in one long string and then circled them and reduced until I had 12 stitches to match the 12 on the bottom of the head. We'll see how assembly goes.

for some reason, my eyes are now itching like crazy even though now I am at home instead of in a big dirty city and totally put in eyedrops and everything. wtf body, you are shit. ugh all my benedryl is at school. speaking of that, omg school tomorrow dnw.
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it's a kitty

As promised: Octopodes (w most appropriate icon ever)

Once again, pattern is here if you want it, although i sort of did my own thing for the legs in terms of circling them and getting the two pieces attached. They were super fast and easy, though, I 100% recommend.

while we're at it:

they're supposed to be little blue and purple flowers, but my dot-arranging ability isn't as awesome as one might reasonably suppose.

i am homg so relieved I am randomly off school tomorrow.
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