May 17th, 2011

Hikaru says no

That Tiger-Striped Sofa Was Made For Johnny's Office

the big accomplishment of the day was finally going through my closet(s) for clothes I haven't worn in ages for my apt complex's annual yard sale. shabzilla kept me entertained on skype for hours while I did it, so she's seen the horror of both of my closets.

also i found a box that I hadn't opened since I moved here three years ago. oops. My Mulder and Scully action figures were in it? also a TON of jewelry and I keep saying i'm going to go through all that crap but then I totally just never do. maybe for next year.

it was completely a miracle to have today off because i totally maxed out on the prescription ibuprofen and still could feel cramps. waaaaargh. it should be better tomorrow, usually the beginning's the worst part. These are way worse than they used to be. I'm turning into my mother D: fail.

but not as much fail as the Japanese You're Beautiful casting ala Johnny-san, apparently. Lol, Tama being the lead, and also i am distressed that Hikaru will not be playing guitar. Apparently word is going around now that debut single will be the drama theme, but then again last week the news reported it was a disaster support release, so who even knows. I continue to think that it's all a plot to make us beg to have Firebeat be the debut single. At least then we'd get a full pv out of it.

final note, speaking of Johnny-san: there's a furniture store near my parents' house that just got a new owner. It reopened this week, and now there's a huge sign which reads "JOHNNY'S DISCOUNT FURNITURE" and everything in the window was animal print. I for serious nearly crashed the car loling.

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