May 21st, 2011

senkaido go home

After I Called Senga from the Bar, Kitayama Introduced Me to His Mother

i really need to be packing for nyc/dbsk this weekend, but instead I just go on sitting here. WAH EXHAUSTED.

Saw new Pirates movie with my parents, and I enjoyed it. Definitely better than 3? I probably enjoyed it about as much as I liked 2. 3D was unnecessary, if you're considering it.

all right, i'm going to try and pull myself together and then go to bed.

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no words for tendou

Ohayou Gozaimasu (Kick it DJ Dask)

You know, ever since I put the Drowzee on my nightstand a couple days ago, I've been having a lot of dreams (usually I don't remember dreaming anything, in case you haven't seen me mention that). Also they aren't nightmares, which is refreshing. They're weird, but not usually scary.

Anyway, I am off to NYC for a DBSK concert and fun timez with more people. Please try not to break the internet while I'm gone!
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