May 22nd, 2011

badass pink block

The Trombone Was a Surprise

Spent all day tooling around NYC with midnitemaraud_r and illuminations, where we had soup dumplings (which are seriously amazing) and then shopped at an ill-advertised and very sudden street festival. Eventually we met up with musesfool, but not before I was accosted by a random passerby, who informed me I was a poor example of femininity and that if I went to the west side, there would be men in clothes that cost more than mine and looked better.

yeah, idek. I was for serious doing nothing, standing calmly drinking my street fair lemonade, when the encounter began. Perhaps he thought I was midnitemaraud_r's lesbian boyfriend? I really am not sure. Apparently my t-shirt and cargo capris were not up to dress code. Not enough cleavage? oh nyc, why you gotta be so anti.

anyway, then I had a prosciutto and mozzarella sandwich and a smore crepe and some fabulous white sangria, and we all talked about our inability to finish writing fics and/or watching dramas. And then we attempted to take the subway back to the car but then ended up at the Brooklyn Bridge stop because of altered stops. I saw a bunch of Law & Order buildings, though. and apparently the treadmilling is paying off, since we walked all over and I didn't wear out like usual.

also, this morning:
midnitemaraud_r: Wait, which one's Matsujun?
illuminations: He's in Arashi.
me: "He's the gay one."
illuminations: ...............LOL WHAT.

JYJ tonight!
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