May 23rd, 2011


I Want You In My Plants Baby

JYJ was really, really good, and I want to thank the East Coast for being unable to fill the Prudential Center more than halfway, because illuminations and I just picked ourselves up from our really-far-back floor seats and marched right up to the very first section and sat in the incredibly comfortable block of empty seats in like the fourth row in stands, right on the corner of the stage.

which is about half a mile closer than I ever thought I'd be to any member of DBSK at any concert ever, much less for under $200. o hai thar, Junsu's ass. As always, all three of them are 100% hotter in person. They sounded really good, and the dancing was decent. The backers were good too, although all the ladies were surprisingly curvy. Apparently JYJ like some junk in their backers' trunks? Ha, good on them, but since the three of them are so skinny it was surprising from time to time.

Like when that one reached between Yoochun's legs to grab his ass and then dragged her hand the whole way under and up to his chest without letting go *_____* Yoochun and Jaejoong were totally cutesy with each other the whole time, sneaking glances at each other and touching on the way by and mouthing weird shit at each other. ♥ all three of them seemed to have a lot of fun. I hope they did, and weren't too unhappy that the back third of the place had seriously nobody.

The flashdance was really fun too, and I'm sure I made a fool of myself, but the beginning and end I could do with reasonable success. a lot of the songs were good dance songs, so I was totally exhausted by the end. Also everybody else in our section practically was sitting down the whole time (wth fail) so hopefully the two of us aren't like a feature on a dvd backstage ("omg look at these two crazy people esp the chubby white one who fails totally the middle part of the flashdance").

Then we had koran BBQ which was amazing, and then drove around looking for a Dunkin' Donuts but only finding Wells Fargos for another couple hours, so by the time we got back and screwed around a little more, I didn't go to sleep until like 5am. oops. I'll bet you this week at school is going to be extra special fun times (lord even knows what they're doing to my substitute right now). also my throat is killing me.

but awesome concert was awesome ♥ Yay JYJ.
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