May 26th, 2011

snuggly fujigaya

Now watch me ima rock the floor

was out late at the end of year Latin festival dinner thing and got caught in a huge lightning storm. I didn't enjoy the hail D: but i got home safely in the end. Purportedly there was a tornado someplace local, but thankfully I didn't see it. also my parents say their power is out, but mine is a-okay, so good job, apartment complex.

now i'm going to try for the third time to complete this one rosetta stone lesson without passing out. so sleeeeepy. i really think that as of yesterday when i had to crash for an hour before i could crawl off to the awards ceremony that i have officially reached the limit of how far I can get on howevermuch little sleep. i swear to god when this school year ends i am going to do nothing but sleep and click pokemon for like a solid week.

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