May 30th, 2011

Tama power

Vicious Cycle da yo

I have three words for you: melon jello shots.

but my real undoing was the several real cokes I had, so now i totally have a headache and it is exactly like a regular hangover in that i know having another one will totally make me feel immediately better. VICIOUS CYCLE.

I think I have to show up at 1B's house for food today but nobody has told me when I need to put pants on yet. I'm sick of trying to figure out what my damn family is doing so I'm sitting here with no pants until somebody calls me to work it out.

here have some other junk:

Rosetta stone fail:

you can click to make it bigger, but two of those pictures are still unfigureoutable if the question is what language are you studying. Also that one with the geisha picture is not studying Japanese.

nails! I want to try out my new zoya polishes, but i like these too much to take them off! it's a drama.

speaking of dramas, lol at Taipi and Hikaru's hair. this is going to be an interesting situation, i think.

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omg stfu

i would take the $1m and use it to send my parents to europe a week early

I just had a series of the most intensely annoying phone conversations with my family that you can possibly imagine. imagine the most annoying, repetitive phone conversation you've ever had with someone, and then imagine you had it five times in a row.

it only finally ended because I just said "*I* am going to babysit [nephew] at noon, and I don't care when you show up or what you do when you get there or how you get there in the first place!"

and then they STILL called me back one more time. EFFFFFFFFF.

ps i'm 1000% sorry i even mentioned that my anime club's picnic was this afternoon and that i said i might maybe show up possibly because now i wouldn't go to it if you paid me one million dollars, except for the fact that it would get me away from my family and their inability to exact useful phone conversations for five solid minutes.

goddammit now i really need a coke.
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