June 9th, 2011


also when you say 'you made it' they go OMG I KNOW RIGHT?!

i'm just back from graduation now, so i'm sure tomorrow morning i'll be a total winner. this year for whatever reason, I knew a ton of the graduating kids, so it was really nice. my favorite part though is right after it's over and the kids are in a mob getting their real diplomas, because everybody hugs you, even students that failed you and told you they hated you all year, it's completely hilarious. And then the teachers always have an afterparty at this nearby bar/wing place, so I ate my face off. oops.

anyway, finals are on, which is a relief for me since I don't give or grade any, but does suck in that I have to proctor every single one of them. and since I wrapped up my grading pretty early this year, I legitimately have nothing to do during them. I crocheted today, but then I finished the blanket i was working on. I cleaned up my whole room in the afternoon today, more or less, so tomorrow I will seriously not have a single thing to do, plus we have Friday and Monday yet.

maybe i should try working on my fqf fic. um.

I finished Dr. Who season 2 and am starting 3, although again, the end of season upheaval didn't make me happy really in any way. I sense that this is going to be a pattern, and the short British seasons mean that I'm not really done being grumpy about the end of the last season before we get to the end of the next one. eh. at least the internet means i can watch them super quickly.

final note: it is HOT, man. going outside all day felt like getting slapped in the face.
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it's super effective

just what the fuck ever

about three days ago, I mentioned in passing to special ed teacher friend that I had finally inched my way down to -10 lbs since January, and even though that's a number of hours at the gym per pound that I don't even want to think about, you know, at least it's progress, and that it seemed like in the last couple weeks, the progress had been minimally more regular, so I was feeling pretty good about that.

henceforth that will be known as mistake #1, because Collapse )

also i have what i think might be a bugbite on my calf for which 'alarming' is kind of an understatement, and now there's kind of a red ring around it that's warm to the touch. hopefully it's just another horsefly bite, because those usually do turn nasty for me, and the ibuprofen and neosporin will do something about it, because if i even have to take yet another trip to the doctor and get weighed at this moment, I will not at all be responsible for my actions in public.

ugh tomorrow is last student useless baby-sitting half-day and i just would give anything to not have to see first period's stupid faces tomorrow morning.
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