June 11th, 2011


Charles Left a Hole that Erik Needs Filled

went and saw X-men with my brothers and SiL and i really enjoyed it. honestly marvel can keep making cheap thrill x-men movies for as long as they want so far as i am concerned, especially when it involves more than one pair of male leads being entirely into each other on a great big screen.

The Hugh Jackman cameo was A+ would buy again. Was there really no Stan Lee cameo in this one though? Usually i spot him easily and this time i really didn't see him. I did however see Brendan Fehr in most random cameo ever.

hm, what else. i finally slept enough that at least my eye stopped twitching, although it was interrupted several times by calls from Visa about my parents using their credit card in Italy which I was powerless to stop because i was not my father. Visa fraud is for serious my mortal enemy. The hourly calls from their automated system did not make me feel any kindlier towards them.

Also after the movie i went out randomly with 2B for food, and as i mentioned before, 2B is not a terribly chatty person, so it always surprises me when he and I have a grown-up conversation, or honestly any conversation that isn't an exchange of movie quotes. We ended up hanging out for about two hours and talking about hybrid cars, school vouchers, drug legalization, and also internet nicknames. lol random. sometimes i think that we ought to put 2B in charge of our whole government, because he's so practical to the point of it being hilarious, and also he'd be impossible to buy off because he lives on essentially no money and he wouldn't be concerned about re-election because i'm sure he'd think the whole thing was a huge pain in the ass and having somebody else be elected would be great.

i might even make it to the pool tomorrow for the first time this year. woo!
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