June 15th, 2011

cheap ramen

Oops Accidental Nap

*Done for the week! *collapses* I am looking forward to sleeping until whenever tomorrow and then I am 100% going to hit the pool.

*I went out with somebody after training for early dinner, and then came back and fed the beagle. My plan was to sit on the couch while he ate and then take him for his walk. An hour later I woke up. oops. so we didn't even start the walk until 8:30, and the gym is totally out because even the walk was almost beyond my ability to stumble around after the dog sleepily.

*FQF fic also seems entirely beyond my ability, what the hell. ugh, tomorrow I will try again, for the third time.

*Dalaks are seriously my favorite thing about Dr Who as of this moment. it's the all-caps dialogue, it just kills me. THE ONLY THING YOU ARE SUPERIOR AT IS DYYYYYING. My sole RL friend who is into Who was comparing daleks to the way the guinea pigs are all demanding and all caps, and now whenever I look Sanapig in the face I can't help but think that's entirely correct. YOU WILL BRING THE LETTUCE OBEY OBEY.

*i am totally falling asleep even typing this. why on earth am I so tired? zzzzzzzzz.

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