June 19th, 2011

it's super effective

For Serious?

You know, it never works out for me when I try and organize myself enough to get things done in a sensible manner. knowing that I had to drive 3 hours to Marty-kun's baptism and three hours back, I got up an hour earlier than I would have otherwise to go to the gym first. Because I didn't have hours to spare, I just set it to do a 5k on the treadmill, which takes me about 45 or so minutes, roughly.

I actually cut it down to about 43 minutes because I ran half-mile chunks of it, which for me is like a miracle, but then again I've been doing the elliptical a lot which is the same basic motion so my body seems to have gotten the memo that 5 mph is honestly not that much different than 3.7 mph, which is what i do pretty much always on the treadmill.

'seems to' being the operative word there, because I've been home for a good hour, showered, puttered around, sat in front of the fan, and am still sweating like crazy, making putting on my dress like a herculean task. I've had to dry my hair twice. what the fucking fuck. I am sitting directly in front of the fan right now because I have to leave like, now, and sweat is still beading on my forehead.

dear body: YOU ARE A DOUCHEBAG. Can't you be a tool on any one of the 364 days of the year I do not have to go someplace in a dress at 11 am? ffs, where is my bionic body because I am totally through with this shit.
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Put on Your Face, Put on Your Feet, and Let's Hit Opening Time

Back safe and sound from marksykins's, who has the cutest baby ever. and also a pretty cool husband and house and stuff. Baptism and party were really nice, and even included a Fudgey the Whale cake, so idk what more you can ask for.

so stiff from the car though D:

in the car on the way back I was suddenly possessed with the urge to listen to "Shimmer" by Fuel for no particular reason, and it turns out my brain is still holding on to nearly all the lyrics to the Sunburn album. Just like during training last week when i folded a fortune-teller without hardly thinking about it, and then a thing I used to do in high school where you fold up a note until it's a little rectangle with two interlocking diamonds on the front. This is seriously why it takes me three tries to leave the house in the morning with the stuff I need, because junk like this is all taking up my neurons.

also all the lyrics to the Cure's Disintegration.

now i really, for serious, have to write this FQF.

oh wait, have the last couple nails: Collapse )
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