June 21st, 2011

kis kis me


While I was gone, gnats took over my apartment. It was entirely like an episode of hoarders where we looked up and realized there were a bunch on the ceiling and uuuuuugh. I put apple cider vinegar traps and I have to go buy some sand to put on top of my plants today. Senga was lying under her towel glaring at me like, you did this to us you jackass. I have no idea at all where they came from.

So we started watching Misaki no 1 at drama night last night, and they enjoyed it way more than I thought they would, since most of my amusement stems from Fujigaya and Kitayama's idea of looking thug. We did make fun of poor Mitsu's complete inability to act. "I PUNCHED YOU NOW I LOOK SHOCKED. SHOCKED!" aw, leader, it's a good think you're hot.

anyway during that since i'd already seen them, i redid my nails and then ended up decoing both rooneytunes and chem friend's nails too. RT got shooting stars and CF got hearts with like stripey things, and they turned out pretty decent I felt. I just konaded mine so now i have black flowers on top of zoya's midori, which is like an appley green with a tiny bit of gold iridescence. They were making fun of my $8 nail polish until they actually started putting it on, and then they were all, shit this is really nice. mmhmm, that's right.

now i have to crawl off to the dermatologist and then my last half-day of summer training. Ugh.
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omg stfu

if i had a cool new toy i could just dl the book

now i have 2 water bottles of dead gnats and still no iphone. sadface D: apparently my options are put down $300 for one or wait until mid-november, neither of which I find terribly desirable. i just want a new toy like my cool friends D: D: D: actually something even seems to be up with AT&T's website so I can't even stare longingly at the iphone right now.

so i paid my credit card instead. that wasn't as fun as oogling iphones.

the tv just seriously put up an ad right this second about upgrading to an iphone. *cries* i want to but you won't let me! thanks also for that text message telling me to upgrade, AT&T. that's super classy of you.

I just finished reading Catching Fire, which is unfortunate because I haven't bought the third book yet, but that's probably best cause the other thing I haven't done is finish my FQF fic which I had to beg for an extension for like a tool because i made it up to 4k without any porn yet. I have to say though that the book was the best thing that happened today by a long shot.

oh well. done with training! Totally off tomorrow!
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