June 22nd, 2011

1 percent alien

Kirei Da

I woke up 100% cranky for no reason this morning, especially given that I slept in until noon. There was some more iphone dickery online and I just felt in general not good. anyway, I pulled it together and went out to Subway for lunch so I could have a bunch of avocado on my sandwich and finally finished the FQF fic, with porn even, and sent it off to musikologie to read over.

Then I went to the gym and somehow pulled a 42:30 minute 5k out of my ass. Yay? I'm not really sure at all what's going on with me lately. also i need to stop doing that right before I'm supposed to be someplace else. anyway, now that I accomplished things, I kind of feel better, so this is like the entire reverse of yesterday where i woke up fine and by the end of the day hated everything for no reason.

I took SiL out to Green Lantern and enjoyed it as an entirely decent comic book/summer action movie. Also I really enjoy Ryan Reynolds, so pretty much there was no way for them to screw it up. And they didn't!

Now I am going to finally eat dinner, at 11pm apparently, and try to go to bed at some sort of reasonable hour because tomorrow is physical at the doctor's and also dermatologist redux. Not that I'm excited for either thing.

oh, also! a bunch of w-inds. things are up on itunes! awww, that's super awesome to load up my itunes and see w-inds. I'm going to totally buy their new album (single? whichever it is) from there, and hopefully this'll end in more jpop on there. Johnny's is way too much to ask, isn't it?
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