June 23rd, 2011

omg stfu

well this has been a fun three days

I bullied my mother into calling AT&T, because she's the only one who can get anywhere with them for whatever reason (she used to work there for like 23 years, I can only assume that she knows secret passwords or something), and the lady on the phone told her that yes, there was really no way around dropping $300 if i wanted an iphone no matter how close I am to my upgrade if i'm not actually there yet. She did say though that there's always refurbished phones in the system, if you look online.

fine. so I look online, and there they are, and then I log in and they disappear. hm. this goes on for about 2 days, because the website is in the middle of being upgraded and so it won't even let me log on half the time, until this morning I am finally like, enough is enough, and click the 'livechat with person' button.

that's 25 minutes i'll never get back, and ps don't even bother because I'm really sure the 'person' is a machine, like a sophisticated snapebot, only one that answers much slower and doesn't know any good gossip about the Dark Lord.

finally I break down and call, which I hate beyond reason, and go through the whole story again, and at least this person knows what she's talking about because she finally says, well you can only get a refurbished phone if you're up for your upgrade (or you're brand new).

me: you're telling me that refurbished phones are only available at the point where getting a brand new phone would be practically the same price anyway?
her: ...........yes.

and so i'm back to exactly where I started, which is either suffer with the Worst Phone Ever(tm) until November or pay them $300.

Up next: annual physical! I'm sure that will make me feel much better!
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Kisumai inna Pinch Nika Quote

Haha, let's talk about how there will be ten million member versions

we finally got a debut date for Kis-My-Ft2 (August 10th), which i will miss by exactly a week, the single is totally Everybody Go, and evidently the lightning bolt S is not a fluke.

so then i burst into tears just now. it's been that kind of day.

the dermatologist injected my foot with that stuff that makes it itch intensely and internally and the dr's office drew about a million things of blood, so suffice it to say that after being dragged along with my dad and brother to Super 8 (which actually I enjoyed), i wasn't impressed when my dad had some sort of half-baked plan where I came home with him to make dinner for my mother because i guess neither one of them can figure out instant udon and frozen shrimp. Both of them have college degrees i want to say.

then in the space of five minutes he seemed to want to talk about how I was being silly both about the gym and the iphone, so I just was like, i think you're taking me home right now and we don't talk about either of those things, thanks for playing.

i'm just going to lie here quietly for a while, if that's all right with everybody.
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