June 25th, 2011


Apparently the Secret Is "Avoid All the People"

I feel sort of better after hanging around all day yesterday and not seeing or talking to anybody in RL, but I'm starting to get a little concerned about my perpetual bad mood, since school has been out a good week now. Usually that goes away as soon as I'm allowed to stay up until 3am and can stop answering my school email. although i suppose if something is physically wrong with me, like a vitamin deficiency or something, it might show up in all the bloodwork the dr's office wanted randomly for my physical and they can do something about it.

ahahahaha. sorry, that's funny because I never turn up at the dr's office with a problem they can actually fix. unless you count 'take a lot of ibuprofen' as 'fixing it.'

This afternoon I'm going to a dinner party where my couple close friends at school and I have all invited our mothers, on the premise that since we are all just like our mothers, double the hilarity must consequently ensue. I am bringing the corn! and also the cutest, roundest watermelon you have ever seen. And something called a Lemon Drop melon which was a total impulse buy. I think it'll be fun even, which is a nice step up from my usual low-level anxiety at any sort of thing like this. And I haven't seen Special Ed Teacher Friend's house yet either.

SETF is actually being moved to one of the jr highs in the fall and I'm super sad about it. She had a terrible year and the admin just shuffled her off, out of their way. She'll be much happier in her new school, coincidentally, but she's like the only rl person who i can talk with about the gym/running without wanting to strangle her after five minutes. It's the first time someone I've been actual friends with (instead of like casual hallway friends) has left and it sucks.

I like my new Old Navy skirts a lot? Except for nothing on the planet matches the blue/gray one, for some reason.
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