June 27th, 2011

ryutarou's fault

I think Chinen got him hooked while practicing to be like Arashi-senpai

Laundry accomplished! which I was proud of until I realized that my hoodie still had a chapstick in the pocket because I am a moron, and so all of the second load had grease stains all over everything. It's all hung up after being rewashed cause i can't dry it (esp after i already did once), so it'll be forever until I even know how much of my shit is ruined.


and speaking of failure, Morimoto Ryutarou getting suspended wth. somehow I started to care about them without realizing it, and I was just watching the new PVs yesterday and realizing that I was enjoying them, and enjoying them as a group. well, shit. this might be the time to remind everybody that my fannish affections for people usually spells disaster for them (see also Sirius Black), and that I like Kisumai an intense amount. Sorry, guys D: at least they're all legal?

I did finally finish fabric-painting the rest of my pillowcases, and then as a side-effect did a couple kisumai tanktops that I might take for concerts this summer. The black one will probably be fine, but I doubt the white one will be opaque enough for me to wear in public. We'll see what happens once they're dry.

now i'm going to try and paint my nails without having any kind of disaster, fannish or otherwise.

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