June 28th, 2011

Gackt-chan needs ponies

everybody go...to the gym.

Should go to gym...but it's so much easier just to sit here...also i watched the first episode of Bleak House last gym trip and it was not at all distracting enough. so now i have to figure out what i can get cheap/easily onto the ipod. Fail, I though I had a good choice there after "Upstairs Downstairs" worked so well.

I wonder if there's any chance I can work out enough that one boob will quit being noticeably larger than the other, because that is seriously getting on my nerves. disproportions, I has it.

I've been reading like crazy the last week or so, working on my pile of random YA stuff from the Scholastic sales finally. I think I need to put up a book exchange post or something, since a lot of these are good enough but not something I'd ever want to read a second time, probably.

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High Tension Idols Senga Quote

I didn't fall off or anything

I ran a whole mile! In a row! I'm confident that I've never run an entire mile at once ever in my entire life (especially not that time I was running for my plane to italy last summer and couldn't make it even halfway down the terminal).

of course the rest of the gym trip was a complete trainwreck after that, but that's fine.

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