June 29th, 2011

jin's english minute

I got a hug from Yamapi this one time

Other people have sex dreams about celebrities, I have dreams where I randomly chat with Jin over instant messenger. wth.

me: well anyway happy early birthday.
jin: thx ['w'] [this emoticon was actually really elaborate but i can't reproduce it]
me: you could have koki or miyata paint your nails for the occasion
me: wtf brain, i meant Ueda
jin: the person u rly want to do them is yamada

yes that's right, I mis-typed ueda as miyata, because even in my dreams I like to make a complete fool of myself, and Jin countered with the information that Yamada paints the best nails in the company. File that one away, kouhai.

At least it wasn't like that dream where I took a bullet for Chinen.

And now I am off to the good Friendly's and also to buy new pillows because there is ...something... weird on a couple of mine.
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