July 2nd, 2011

one of those units


My phone is not ringing again, what the hell. It's like now that it knows that I'm going to try and wait it out rather than replace it, it's gone back to it's old delinquent ways. And it's not cute accessorized delinquency like when Kitayama/Fujigaya do it on a drama.

My parents report that my brother's room is no longer hoarded in, so that is a plus. I was like, good, so you're coming over to the pool then, because SiL and Neph are coming over again [and maybe if mom sees him for a couple hours we can go several days without me listening to her bitching about not seeing him ever]. Dad was like, is [other grandmother] coming? why don't you call when they're there and say whether she is or not.

me: no way. i'm sick of being your loser go-between because you have some drama about seeing Neph at the same time as OG. It's been weeks since you've seen her even. [because you've been in italy you fucking tools]
dad: just when they get there, just call.
me: NO. they're getting here about 2:30 and I'm not calling you, if you want to know so bad who is coming, call SiL yourself, otherwise show up at 2:30 or so. or don't, I don't care. As usual, the people who show up will see neph and the people who have bullshit drama and don't will not see him.
dad: *is blatantly not going to call SiL*
me: *refuses to budge this time*

What kills me, kills me, is that SiL has been off from work post-surgery ALL FUCKING WEEK. All mom has to do is call and say I want to watch Neph for a couple hours in the evening, and she would JUMP UP AND DOWN. well okay, maybe not cause surgery, but i've done it twice myself this week because they've broken down and called me, much less had somebody actually offer. I wouldn't call my parents either because they are as annoying as fucking possible on the phone. maybe it's better my phone doesn't ring, goddamn. you know if 3B or I ever manage to reproduce it's going to be like 9 kinds this same sort of trainwreck. Maybe i should just go reproduce on my own and then she'll be the ONLY GRANDMOTHER, maybe that will shut them up.

Fuck it. Here are some good things:

1. I can play Angry Birds on Chrome as an app suddenly. OMG HOORAY. now i can be like every single other person that I know!!

2. My JE FQF fic got posted, it's Tama/Miyata/Fujigaya, and I enjoyed it and so should you, if that is a pairing that intrigues you. Also there is mention of Kitayama getting his ass owned, which amused me. Plus I get to use this hot icon.

3. Nearly as much as This Ikemen Desu ne promo clip, which has an outtake where Tama nearly breaks the lead girl's nose. LOL. nikaidonlover2000 points out that Tama is yanking her forward as if she's Miyata's height, which she totally is not, and now I can't stop laughing at it.

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