July 4th, 2011



* <-- apparently the charmander needs a ton of sweet berries (pink, heart-shaped one), so if you wouldn't mind you can feed him. this exploration has been kind of annoying so far and i'm going to get a Regigas out of it, which I don't actually need :/

*Happy 4th of July to those who celebrate, and happy Jin and Massu's birthday if you're into that instead (remember, as per dream-Jin, Yamada is the one who should do your nails~)

*Ran a 40-minute 5k at the gym this afternoon which was sort of exciting for as long it took one of my ankles to remind me that i am heavy and running is bad. also i seriously need to start cleaning guinea pigs BEFORE the sunday gym trip because doing it afterwards is an exercise is DNW for both me and them. Nonpig's cage is heavyyyy.

*Went shopping with newspaper coupons at JC Pennys and got a bunch of purple things so I can properly represent for Miyata at concerts in a few weeks. Also a random dress for $18 that was supposed to be 80 *\o/* The checkout girl was super nice and split my order in half so i could use the $10-off coupon twice.

*I have been reading like a fiend. Yesterday I read two full books. I didn't so much mean to do that second one, but we had a killer thunderstorm from like 1-4am and i couldn't sleep anyway, so. Anyway now I have a pile of books that wouldn't mind trading for some other books, and I completely need to make a post about that if that's the way it's going to be this summer.

*Tomorrow we are going to pick up B3 from the airport! FINALLY.
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