July 6th, 2011

it's super effective


I have a vitamin D deficiency!

you're probably like 'wtf is she excited for' but it's because the dr's office actually found a problem that had an immediate solution which, as i mentioned before, happens .00001% of the time with me. The internet reports that D deficiency results in fatigue and depression and also periods of abnormal intensity and mood swings, which makes so much sense. But then another symptom is weight loss, so...i'm a little concerned about that one getting reversed since I am not exactly experiencing that atm.

I'm also a little concerned because I've been taking my multi-vitamin regularly for weeks and weeks and weeks (it seems to help a marginal amount with gym/weight loss), and that has 200% of my daily vitamin D already, so lord knows how low that shit really is.

anyway, so i'm off to the CVS to pick up a prescription supplement of like 2000% and then it's possible that i will stop sleeping all the time and also hating everybody. Lol, what? don't worry, i'm sure i'll still be fat, so it won't be like I henshin into somebody completely different.

in other interesting news, GPX+ says i have 100% of the novelty pokemon, even though this one right here still has an evolution I need yet. Hmm.
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