July 8th, 2011

kendall what now

you wouldn't think it would be THAT hard of a trick

i'm supposed to meet somebody at like 10am tomorrow so i need to sleep but it won't stop thundering like crazy D: seriously these storms are out of control.

I finished Dr. Who season 3 yesterday and as usual didn't enjoy the season ender. i wasn't filled with rage, though, so i guess that's a step in the right direction, but they continue to cycle main characters too quickly for me to get attached to anything, and Ten is...you know i think if he went around by himself I might like him better? idek, really. sometimes i think i am on the verge of forgiving him for not being Nine, but then five minutes later i'm like, never mind, false alarm.

I started Torchwood this morning, I wasn't going to, but a couple RL people insisted i would like it better, or at least appreciate how it tied in. I've watched the first three and don't seem to be bonding with that either. I mostly feel vaguely bad that Captain Jack is saddled with these people? They're kind of whiny and ineffective. Also fandom had led me to believe that Ianto was important and/or Jack's makeout buddy, so I was puzzled at his lack of appearance/importance.

sigh. fandom, you have let me down. thank goodness BTR had a new episode for me to watch at the gym, where James and a hot Latina pop star cram an entire relationship into three days. All the females in BTR are awesome; i wish those writers could teach some of these other series that trick.
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