July 14th, 2011

kouji rocks your hat

Awesome Hair Achieved!

My hair has been growing like nuts so it was a total relief that my appointment was today, finally. My hair lady put a bunch of the bright red back in for summer, as we do, and then since we had no success with actually dying my hair last summer, this time she suggested threading purple strands in instead. It looks super cool! I love my hair lady. The strands are kind of weird and stick-outy at the moment, but they're made of regular hair, so after I wash my hair a few times they'll start doing what the rest of my hair is doing.

and what the rest of my hair is doing is rocking out. also the hair dye smells soooo good. So my haircut was totally expensive but I seriously don't care even a little bit.

This is going to be the longest day in the universe because I got up at 7 to go running with my brother before the dermatologist injected my foot with stuff (OW), and tonight is Harry Potter, yo. aaand tomorrow at 7:30am is my lady dr's appointment. that's going to be so much fail, ahahaha. I tried to nap but I just ended up lying on my couch for a half hour. all the pigs sure seem to be enjoying their afternoon naps, though. Sanapig is like a chubby furry puddle up on the ledge.

and just why are there Bones instead of my Law & Orders on all afternoon, huh? Hand over Jack McCoy, bitches!

and i have just tricked drama night friend into bringing me over Chinese food. oh baby!

eta: I forgot, Ravenclaw nails!
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