July 15th, 2011

fuck my life

i call do-over

Let's just say that the day hasn't improved so far, and it started with a 7:30am gyno exam, so. also my body picked today to re-gain five lbs for no fucking reason, of course, so I even got the fat lecture. I was like, listen to me, when I had my physical three weeks ago I was down ten pounds and nobody even said good job, but now that i'm up a couple from then, now you want to talk about my weight at 7:30am?

who knew I would want to skip to the speculum so quickly. FML.

and now i have to go find lunch for myself because my family took nephew to Friendly's without me again while I finally managed to sleep for an hour, because my phone continues not to ring. I did manage to watch some of Ikemen Desu ne, sort of, except I had to restart Keyhole about a thousand times for freezing so i didn't actually either see or hear all that much and I should have definitely slept those two hours instead.

I want a supermelt ;____________;
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