July 16th, 2011

snuggly fujigaya

Kouhai Shopping Trip Win

I should go shopping for snowqueenofhoth more often, because every time I do, stuff is on sale for no earthly reason. I went to CVS because I thought one of the things on the list might be on sale, ended up getting all the things on the list at once, all but one of which was totally on sale, and scored two of the Sally Hanson HD colors for $1.75 a bottle (reg $6). lol WHAT. that's the universe telling me good job for closing the browser window on Zoya this morning.

in the checkout line when i went to grab a snickers, otoh, i dropped everything i was carrying and the lady was like 'It doesn't seem like the universe is telling you to eat that.' haha, it's true. it was a snickers dark though, and it was sooooo good. dark chocolate is totally good for you!

the purple hair strands are holding up well. i'm getting used to not running my fingers through my hair in the spots where they're connected, which was weird at first. Now that i've washed my hair twice, they indeed are starting to curl in the same way my hair does, or would if my hair did something normal instead of curling in on one side and out on the other. anyway, i was afraid they'd just be not very visible under my regular hair, but they're not doing that at all, really. I'm entirely satisfied with my ちょう高い haircut.

My parents dragged me out to the casino last night, but in the end I was only down $5, which for me is like victory. My mother and i were trading off watching each other so it's half the money, while my father dropped an amount of money bordering on alarming. It's funny because we have the same kind of casino luck (ie, next to none), but our responses are polar opposites. I figure i'm going to go on losing endlessly so i don't play much, vs he figures sooner or later statistically he has to win something.

I rewatched Ikemen 1 this morning (or maybe just watched, since this time i could see and/or hear it) and honestly I really liked it. Not just for Fujigaya and Tama's sakes, which is how i feel about Misaki mostly, but i thought it was really funny and entertaining. I can't wait for it to get subbed so we can do it for drama night, because my mom/friends are going to pee their pants when the company president starts shouting random english. WELCOME TO YOUR DREAM. Anyway, Tama is doing an amazing job considering how unlike himself normally his character is, i think the girl does look pretty much like a jyannis, and Fujigaya as cute sweet Shuu(/tea otp!) is...it's just surreal a lot of times, but Fujigaya is pulling it off I really think. Also Hikaru is totally cute too. And surprise johnny's guys as company extras! I was surprised but very pleased about that. I think we saw Yamaryo's ass. locker room scene win~

here, have a couple caps:

Tama wants you to GDiaF. His HAAAATE face is way better in motion, btw. He does this slow blink like "...can't...kill...the people..."

Shuu/tea otp!! Fujigaya i swear to god sparkles. idek. CUTE.

also i forgot to mention that whatever vocal lessons they gave Tama, they need to give to everybody because HOLY GOD. I could hardly even believe it was him singing in a couple spots. He must have worked his ass off, so good job for him.
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