July 18th, 2011

no words for tendou

Packing Fail

I'll be the first to admit that I'm a terrible packer. I have a list and everything, I just...feh. I always leave it go too long and then am just throwing the shit in there and I know i'm going to forget something crucial in the end.

Tomorrow I think i have to get up early because it is my last day to pull it together before I leave for Japan/Florida on Tuesday. I did finally demand that we move the guinea pigs tonight so i could clean them and have it all over with and not have to do it tomorrow. my mother is throwing some kind of fit about them being "all over" her living room and my father was helpfully looking up alarmist weather reports about typhoons in Japan, and 2B and 3B were being douchebags all day so instead of going out to eat with all of my brothers before i leave for three weeks, I ended up just going with 1B and SiL. Apparently pizza and television time > only sister. jackwagons.

I think I have everything for the_kouhai though, and I did get paper to make uchiwa stuff although I haven't actually done it yet, and the laundry at least got done. It's very strange to be trying to pack for Japan alone, since there's always been somebody going with me before.

but in surprising news: my kisumai tour shirt fits! enough that I might actually wear it in public. I held off re-trying until the very last second here because I was sure that was too much to hope for. Tada! it is in the pile with the Miya-T as we speak.

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