July 28th, 2011

ABCZ has Idiots Yokoo Quote

I seem to be eating a lot of Italian on this Japan trip

Seems like LJ is back? It's super convenient that I am on this vacation where I really couldn't care less about that for like 20 hours a day. If I were at home like normal I might have to actually write or something. Otoh, unlike LJ, Kawai seems to be actually broken, poor guy. I really feel like Hasshi needs to call a group meeting and kick his group's ass into collective gear.

Kamakura/Enoshima was fun. We were afraid it might rain, but then honestly after sweating my face off for hours and hours, I was sort of wishing that it would (same today). We had a daypass so we rode the Enoden line back and forth to see a bunch of temples and then walked across to Enoshima (which is an island, if you've never heard of it) and saw the lighthouse and the caves and things. at one point in the caves I was rather concerned when they handed us a birthday candle stuck inside a metal cupcake paper as a light source, but you couldn't go far enough to get lost or anything. And then on the beach there was larger than life Tama and Taipi on a gigantic Ikemen billboard. Funny.

This morning I shopped around Shibuya a little but I didn't do a very good job of it because the humidity is at about 1000%, and then we went to kaiten sushi for lunch. Afterwards I took the train back to Tokyo station and walked out to the Imperial Gardens, which somehow I've never managed to see. It isn't very floral in the summer, but the greenery is nice. I enjoyed the spot where there are trees from all the prefectures planted together.

And now I am drinking a melon...drink. It's like a strawberry milk only not so much milk, but I wouldn't call it juice exactly.

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