August 5th, 2011

dumbledore hat

What happens on the Dudley Dooright Log Flume Stays on the Dudley Dooright Log Flume

We finally browbeat the front desk into fixing our internet. jfc.

if you missed the memo, i am in Florida visiting all the parks omg. Today we did Universal, including the Harry Potter world, and it was totally amazing. The detail they put into the shops and the rides is seriously incredible. That main ride though is scary!! It is not for kids yo, both in alarming nature of content and being flung around. One friend i'm with got picked for the Olivander's wand demonstration and she seriously nearly cried with excitement. The butterbeer was so good, and surprisingly we really liked the pumpkin juice too. And then i ate a whole chocolate frog (they are not tiny like in the movie).

We did the rest of the park too, and I really enjoyed the Temple of Poseidon show thing and the Spiderman ride in particular, but lots of things were fun. We got our picture taken with Storm and Rogue in Marvel hero island. I bought a ton of crap (who's surprised?) but there were no Sneeches to buy at the Seuss shops so i was sadface about that. I want a Sneech! Anyway, we got up early early to get there first and do all the HP stuff so by 9pm we were totally shattered.

and yet, still not sleeping at 1am. I have not slept through a night in days and days. Body why are you an aaaaaaaass.

epcot tomorrow! I am psyched for epcot since I haven't been since I was tiny.

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