August 6th, 2011

easier than energy jelly

We Played Girls Dressed Like Disney Princess Bingo

mom: what was the first thing you did at Magic Kingdom?
me: fall on my face right in the middle of Main Street.

Trufax. My knee and palms looks pretty spectacular, but at least they match my toe, which is solid purple from dropping the heavy square in the middle of my laptop cord right on top of it.

Yesterday we did Epcot, and we ate all the countries. all of them. we ate them. Japan had curry udon! And then the little stand outside the restaurant had coffee milk and i nearly cried. My coffee milk withdrawal, let me show you it.

3 (out of 6) of us went to Magic Kingdom today and as I hadn't been there since high school, I had a really good time. I liked Space Mountain and the Hall of Presidents best, because I am a loser. Also we could not figure out why the longest line by a million years in the park was the Peter Pan ride. lol, what. Heat index of 103, Splash Mountain wait 30 minutes, Peter Pan 70 minutes! Dear Florida, you are crazy.

Apparently the other three people stayed in the hotel room and drank all day? Idek. I understand they were at the pool for awhile and then perhaps climbed in the fountain. Again, see above about me being a loser, but I just don't see the appeal of the whole drinking thing and it makes me kind of uncomfortable when I'm out with other teachers who go at it so hardcore like that. Anyway they're all down at the pool, but ugh, no more walking so i am staying in the hotel room.

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