August 9th, 2011

oh noez jrz

Tick Tack Tick Tack Isoge de

*I am home safely from all the vacations as of last night. It was so nice to sleep in my own bed, even if as usual the earwigs have taken over my apartment in the absence of people. The snowpigs and Senga are still at my parents' until later today but i stopped over to get my truck back and visit them and Sanapig actually tolerated cuddling so maybe they missed me? As soon as we take away the big TV though they won't be speaking to me like normal.

*My kisumai cds shipped sometime in the middle of the night, yay! It'll still take like two weeks to get here probably, but it was faster than I thought it would be. I'm excited that everybody on my flist had theirs delivered early too. They look really cool!

*I dled a rip of the regular edition the other day even though it meant i had to listen to it while surrounded by school people which made it slightly more subdued than it would have otherwise been. but, aw, first single! I really like all the songs, and I think Kiss for U is my favorite, which I had already decided during concerts really.

*Debut in a couple hours? I still feel like it's not exactly real, despite having seen the PV and listened to the single and the DVD and Dome and everything. idk, I thought there'd be an AHA moment? Maybe there will yet. I think being away on vacation while a bunch of important things happened has made things feel all weird. or maybe it's that i'm still nervous there'll be disaster right at the last second and so i won't feel anything else until we are past the OKAY NOW WE ARE DEBUTED announcement.

*I only gained back three pounds all vacation so I guess that's as good a result as possible, lol. You know, I only walked THREE THOUSAND MILES but whatever. I need to check my school schedule and sort out my bank account and do laundry, but I don't think I really want to do anything of that shit today~

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Hikaru says no

Here's the Mail It Never Fails

okay, this mail, what the shit. I leave for three weeks and it's like the crazy exploded. in the bag of fifty piece of mail my parents accumulated for me, I have:

*two Pinecone checks
*a $10 check from Amazon electronic services (thanks to whoever is buying Chaotic Butterfly for their Kindles) addressed to STARSHINE PRESS, which i bet the bank will not think is so funny, and
*A power bill of only $26

and then things broke down, because I also have:
*A little note from my doctor's office saying that I'm negative for a handful of STDs that they apparently tested me for without asking me during my lady appointment, thanks a lot
*a larger note from my insurance company saying that I had $114 worth of 'preventative care' during this appointment that is not covered, but no actual bill from the dr's,
ETA*oh wait, turns out I do have a bill from the dr's for...$68? I still can't figure out exactly what this test is here that isn't covered, ugh, i hate calling them on the phoooone
*an adorable little flyer buried in my 6-page bank statement that if I don't switch over to e-statements in the next 2 weeks, they're going to start charging $2 a month for paper ones.

also i feel that my PSEA/NEA dues would be a lot lower if they wouldn't send me junk mail EVERY TWO DAYS sweet jesus.

sigh. at least you guys paid almost half my power bill.

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