August 10th, 2011

miyata likes beer

Healthy Living Through Shopping List Fail

*I made no-mayo egg salad. It wasn't because I wanted to eat healthy, it was because I forgot to buy mayo. So I used olive oil and mustard and threw some basil and rosemary in there, and it's okay, not bad, just different. Also I bought almond milk just to try it, and it turns out the reason I like cow's milk is because it's made of sugar. Go figure. Also I bought quinoa just to try, and mozzarella so I can do something with the tomatoes my neighbor handed me yesterday.

*laundry is done, basic groceries are done, living room is sort of cleaned up, snowpigs are successfully migrated back to the land of the small television. I also made a series of unpleasant phone calls to my insurance about these two rejected claims, one of which turns out to be my CBC (wth) and the other is the cancer screening from my lady appointment. I was like "who on earth goes to that appointment for anything else?" They're supposed to call me back on that one, and the other one is going to my doctor's office who will hopefully not be douches and tell them it was medically necessary at that moment.

given my dr's insistence that my headaches are all allergy-related and that I skip periods because I'm fat, I'm not feeling hopeful this won't end in a bunch more phone calls.

*I watched the official pv in good quality, the debut announcement clip, and the making of in quick succession and totally cried again. They're real boys! ;_________; idek, but I'm happy and glad the PV is so them, and totally excited for whatever comes next. Also my favorite parts are that Miyata's shirt reads 'Titties and Beer' and that he somehow loses a skate wheel during PV practice. I have fic i'm trying to get finished so it can be posted today, fingers crossed.

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