August 21st, 2011

kill myself with anime

2B: "You should cover yourself in peanut butter and run with the capybara"

idek about 2B sometimes. But he did go tv shopping with 3B and I this afternoon (it was supposed to be this morning but sweet jesus my family) and 3B did all the heavy lifting, which is more than I can say for my father.

So now I have a new 32" tv! Which is...not that impressive since nothing else I own is supposed to do HD, including all my cords. I knew that was the case, but I was hoping for "looks as good as before but is larger" and instead have "larger but of questionable quality." It's fine, it's not horrendous, and I can fix the DVD part pretty easily. I could do something about the cable too except I run the risk of having Comcast reset my channels to the ones that I'm supposed to have rather than the ones that they gave me accidentally on the first try, so...think I just won't. I'm like the last Comcast customer on earth without On Demand.

3B is taking my old TV with him to DC, so that's his housewarming present. We might switch DVD players too, actually, since my parents just got a blu-ray player, but then again it isn't like upgrading ever works out that well for me (see above re: visual quality of my new tv).

wah tired. Can't I hire one of you to clean out guinea pigs for me? D:

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