August 23rd, 2011

Hikaru says no

oh shit i brought them home with me

Mousapelli um
my apartment is....shaking
Kira erm
M like.......there's no way we are having an earthquake
K O_o
M what the
Kira O_o you ok??
Mousapelli yes? i mean, it wasn't like crazy, just my couch was sort of going back and forth
and then i looked up and the plants outside were doing it too? it felt like the 3 i felt at rachels
but we don't have earthquakes here

So, we just had an earthquake. We don't, um, have those in the PA like, ever, so when my couch started swaying back and forth, I only knew what it was because it felt exactly like one of the ones I felt in Japan this summer.

I have CNN on so I know the epicenter was in Virginia and stuff. I didn't even know where to look up if we had actually just had one.

I'm okay, really here it was like a 3 and things just swayed for about a minute so there isn't any damage or whatever. But I'm kind of shaken up because we never have earthquakes here at all, so. scary ;_____;

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ABCZ has Idiots Yokoo Quote

25 Questions meme stolen from Kira_Shadow

directions: pick 12 names at random and then answer the questions.

1. Goseki
2. Kitayama
3. Yokoo
4. Totsuka
5. Tsukada
6. Fujigaya
7. Kawai
8. Miyata
9. Tamamori
10. Nikaido
11. Senga
12. Hasshi

I just put them in age order, so this is what you get. Here's a hint: I wish that I had put Takki as 1 pretty intensely. But Hasshi was a really good choice for 12.

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