August 25th, 2011

kendall what now


so one of the non-teacher adults I interacted with in the last few days was like, maybe you would feel better if you just talked positively about school starting instead of negatively. Sure, I'll try anything once:

*I showed up on time! at 7am!
*I only had 3 people come to me with union crises!
*I only looked like a total jerk once during staff meeting!
*I'll probably sleep tonight since I didn't sleep even a little bit last night! Bonus: since I wasn't sleeping, no anxiety dreams!

...yeah, I feel the same. also I was starving all day for no reason. It's like my body decided that exhaustion+irritation+anxiety=EAT ALL THE THINGS. But I was amused when the gigantic thunderstorm struck just as the school board chairman was insisting this year would be better than last year. Much like the gigantic thunderstorm we are having right now Orz.

But! The wii came!! sadly the games did not, but that's okay! I played mariocart a little bit and made my own mii plus all seven kisumii. Taipi has big poofy girl hair and nika has an eye dot, and senga's face is like "ooooh O.O". I make my own fun, okay. I'll probably keep adding more je dudes over time.

But there's no sparkly sneaker option so I can't add Matchy.

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