August 28th, 2011

machine gun hamster

I did enjoy when Tenma sent the money-grubbing fiancee packing

I didn't exactly mean to start mainlining Monster over Netflix, but I'm on episode 14 atm. oops. It's good, if a little slow in places, and I think these side distractions are why it's going to take them 70 episodes to get someplace, but something about it is sort of compelling, at least enough to keep clicking the 'next episode' button on Netflix. Maybe it's just that Netflix makes it ridiculously easy to keep going, lol.

I bought back to school shoes. I went for sandals that wouldn't be embarrassing to wear to work and ended up with these super comfortable brown ones as well. I waffled about it because they weren't cheap, but then I had a surprise $25 coupon on my rewards card. Score!

Also I am totally excited for JGS to show up on Ikemen next week. I can't even imagine what he and Tamamori chatted about, but I have a feeling that they totally got along and Fujigaya was just like "whaaaaaat." They said really nice stuff about each other in their interviews at any rate ♥

Hurricane is on its way through but it's just heavy rain for me. Hope all of you are keeping safe and dry.

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miyata likes beer

needs moar power

My power went out this morning about 9 and still isn't back on D: D: D: you know, I really wouldn't be that bent out of shape about it except for tomorrow is first day back to school so I am already full of OH NOEZ. I went over to Chem Teacher Friend's house for a while because she had power, but her internet wouldn't let me on and she had a hot date, so now I am at the Panera.

internet come back to me ;________;

waaaah I don't want to go back to school ;_____________;

I really don't have anything else to say, I'm just sitting in front of my computer like wringing my hands. anxietiiiiiiiiiez.

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