August 31st, 2011


Guess Who Had Two Fire Drills Today

Ah, my instant karma strikes again! but for once in my favor. I randomly got assigned to cover a class today, even though the third day is typically way too early for that sort of junk, and it just so happens that coverage payment is pretty much exactly what I paid for the crazy postage yesterday, give or take. Even Steven, that's me.

and then i discovered that Hoarders is on netflix. Are you maybe getting the sense that netflix is not something I should probably have? But I did actually use the wii to play Fling Smash for a bit yesterday (it came with a wiimote for cheaper than buying the wiimote on its own), and it's not genius but it was playable for like an hour, and when i'm back from dinner with my mother I'm going to try out Super Mario Wii.

Week 1 half over! Woo!

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