September 3rd, 2011

tezuka has school pride

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At the risk of jinxing it, the start of school actually wasn't too terrible. It's my sixth one and it was probably one of the smoother ones I've had, even going between the two buildings. I think after six years it's time to admit that I need a school icon.

Apparently september is also upgrade month, since my mother is coming over in a bit and we're going to look at grown-up couches to replace the futon, since the back is warped and i'm sick of fixing it. Sanapig and I have totally bonded with the new television at this point, and the fact that Netflix is providing us a constant stream of anime and Hoarders. I've got a hi-def connector for the wii, so unlike the cable, the tv that I netflix looks really good on the LCD.

anyway, I want a couch with a recliner and a little drop-down table like my parents have, so the questions is whether the thing that I specifically want is on sale or not for Labor Day.

Three-day weekend! Woo!

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groupchat for je100 is open if anybody's interested. The theme this week for writing is 'pokemon' and the name of the groupchat is 'je100' like usual.

Right now it's just me, lol. so uh. come hang out?

I'm watching a documentary about MPAA ratings and how they are bullshit, and everytime they put some porn on the screen, sanapig, who is sitting beside me, starts purring.

Also! I bought a couch today! it won't be here until the end of the month, but yay!
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