September 5th, 2011

carlos wears protection

My Mother Said the Fancy Chickens Looked Like Phyllis Diller

Spent all yesterday at the Allentown Fair with my mother, and saw Big Time Rush. It was really cute! They're so cute live, even if they took forever to come out and their set was just an hour. Logan and Carlos sound really good live, James is obviously working really hard on it and so was much improved from last year. Kendall's still a bit shaky, but he's Leader and we love him. He makes it up in hats.

they did an acoustic set with Stuck, I Wanna Hold Your Hand, and Worldwide. I really love the acoustic arrangement of all of those, especially Worldwide which I hadn't heard acoustic before and is my favorite song from their first album. And then they announced 2nd album in November, 3rd tv season, and also, apparently they are going to Canada to film a movie? Cool!

so it was a good time, except my mother was sitting next to the most annoying male fan, holy shit. He was flailing all over and nearly hitting her in the face. I should have traded her seats right at the beginning, but I thought he would wear out, but no, and then my mother was too embarrassed to move. Dear American concert goers lurking about my journal, if you're going to be a complete basketcase at a concert, stand the fuck up! Don't hit people in the face! For christ sake.

other things:

now that I put down the money for the grownup couch, my patience with the shortcomings of my futon as a couch is way more limited, haha. uneveeeeeeen. Sigh, only two more weeks. also idk how in the hell we're going to get the futon out of here before they show up.

and then i had a battle of wills (which I lost) with cdjapan over the regular edition of the ANJELL cd, which apparently sold out preorders in the twenty seconds between when I got the email about it and clicked the 'add to order' button. Then I realized that the order from before is for some reason listing my graduate school mailing address. That's super clever, since cdjapan has been sending things to my current, correct address for six years. of course you can't change addresses on orders, so I had to email them. siiiiiiigh. Their website totally sucks, this is why I end up using yesasia more often than not these days despite the lack of a rewards system.

guinea pigs cleaned! yay! school tomorrow. Boo.

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