September 20th, 2011

miyata likes beer

Ood on the Loose

This is my third attempt at watching the Dr. Who episode about Pompeii, because I keep falling asleep during it. Never mind all the explosions and people screaming during it. Er.

Also all the guinea pigs purr every time the Ood are on the show, which sort of freaks me out. Ooooood.

Ads for the stage show version of Ikemen are out, and I really don't understand how Miyata ended up the prettiest one. The hot I was sort of becoming accustomed to, kind of, but this much pretty is just entirely out of control. How is he doing that?! It makes me feel better that even kisumai themselves are totally perplexed by it.

Anime club was totally working my last nerve today, oi. All the seniors who were really invested in it graduated last year, and the underclassmen don't seem to understand that they have to do all the things. The science teacher down the hall says the environmental club is exactly the same and both of us are just like desire to run the meeting = zero. No word on dept chair thing yet either, interview went fine but no idea what will happen in the end and it's hard to say whether i'll be relieved to get it or not.

oh man, all i want to do is nap on this couch. microsueeeeeeeede.

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