September 21st, 2011

Hikaru says no

Abraham Lincoln is not French

guys, I was in such a good mood this morning. such a good mood! that like never ever happens, but the 8th graders were cute and the French teacher had hilarious stories and it was luncheon day so there was good stuff to eat and I was early to work and everything.

some of you have cleverly noticed the past tense in that first sentence.

because in between 7th and 8th period I checked my email quick, lord knows we have to check the email every possible interval so I dont get a nastygram about checking my email, and so it turns I totally got rejected for the Department Head position.

Which is the job that I did all last year, so that was a pretty nice kick in the teeth, and then 8th period was filing in behind me at that second so there was nothing I could do except try to just keep talking about verbs or some bullshit so that I wouldn't cry in front of a bunch of Latin Is. To say nothing of 9th period when some girl wanted to have drama because she thinks we spent all day yesterday talking about her while she was absent. I just wanted to be like bitch please i will tell you which one of us is having the drama right now, except I don't get to have the drama because I am an adult so I have to stand here and teach the future tense and take this shit from you instead of going to cry quietly in the bathroom like I very much want to.

and then it was faculty meeting day, so I got to sit...with my department. also i made tonight drama night randomly this week which seemed like such a good idea until I got all the rejectionz this afternoon.

so I'm not in a very good place about it at the moment but I guess I will get over it since there's nothing I can do about it. Not like it'll be embarrassing or anything when we have our first meeting and I get to sit there with 23 other FL teachers who all know that I totally got rejected for this fucking job that I was doing all of last year dgkjalgdkajglkajdfuck.
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