September 22nd, 2011


Translation: KAT-TUN's Yuuki no Hana and SWEET CHAIN

Yuuki no Hana is on the cd in my car right now and has been since I came back from Japan. I listened to it for the first time on the way to Narita airport on the NEXX and it really touched me, since I was sad about leaving like usual, especially the "we're with you, we love you" line. Eventually when I was listening more carefully over time I kind of found myself hoping that maybe it's at least in part a message for Jin, like even though you're far away doing different things, we're still with you, we're still your nakama, so you can show your courage and work hard on what you're doing.

anyway, since yesterday i've had the song basically on loop in the car because I'm thoroughly depressed about being deposed as department chair and it's kind of like having KAT-TUN say, well at least we like you, you'll feel better if you keep looking forward. Maybe that's silly, but if it's between KAT-TUN and nobody (irl) then I will take KAT-TUN.

so anyway usually this is the part where i say corrections welcome but I for serious already feel like enough shit, so if you have some sort of differing opinion about what's going on here you can feel free to translate it your own self and not tell me about it so much.

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And then also I just like this one. I totally had no idea how much of this was English until I looked. KAT-TUN, maybe you could have Jin back just long enough to give you some English pronunciation lessons, yikes.

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