September 24th, 2011

1 percent alien

The Problem with Dr. Who

is that about once a season there is an utterly terrifying episode without any warning, which I inevitably start watching right before I'm supposed to try and sleep. the worst part about it is how good these damn scary episodes are. I wish they would just hire Moffat to write episodes for a purposely scary show rather than just invading this one with no warning every now and then.

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i'm not enjoying this next one though, about the people stuck on the transport, probably because what I enjoy about the show is cleverness and there's nothing clever about a bunch of people doing stupid panicky things. the other problem is that i don't think netflix will tell me when i'm supposed to throw one of those specials in here.

i am declaring this week officially over and if this next week starts up sucking even a little bit I am declaring that one over too, right away, because this sort of shit needs nipped in the bud.
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kouji rocks your hat

the only thing you are superior at is dooooooooonuts

I will tell you what autumn in central PA means: pumpkin donuts at Dunkin Donuts. OM NOM NOM. it took me three tries to get some because everybody else love them too, but I finally managed it.

(CB-verse sidenote: pumpkin dunkin donuts are one of the things Kouji misses most about NYC (along with the midnight roommate runs to procure them). his mother tries to make a version of it but it isn't really the same. At least once a year Ben eats some on Skype to torment him).

other than that, little else is new to report. There are Daleks on my television, which are definitely my favorite Dr Who bad guys. Sanapig doesn't approve of them.

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