October 2nd, 2011

oh noes desu

"haven't you ever butt dialed somebody?" "with my butt?"

I am totally sick. faiiiiiiiil. After SATs (you think it's bad taking them when you don't feel well, try proctoring them) I just laid on my couch and drank egg drop soup and orange juice and clicked on pokemon. I was really hoping I would feel better today because a) it is go to lunch with Bs/SiL/Nephew day and b) i have to clean all the guinea pigs.

but no. the sore throat is totally the worst because there's nothing that makes it feel better for longer than a second or two. I even was reduced to eating Halls, which I hate, but I was desperate D: I think I cannot go out to lunch with nephew like this, which is really no good because that means I won't get any food out of it either. whyyyy.

Last day of the shiny zorua hunt over on gpx and I certainly have not managed to produce one. sadface.

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