October 8th, 2011

NEWS is photogenic

Sometimes you are lost, you're lost, but you will be found

Yesterday I got ALL THE MAILS. Aside from going to to the post office to pick up the giant mound of stuff the_kouhai sent me, when I came home my brother was over playing my wii and he was like "wtf are you getting all these packages for?!" I got:

1. Rachel's package: 3 towels, 2 clearfiles, 3 kisumai member singles (let me tell you how long she was supposed to mail me this), and my concert hair clip I left there this summer.
2. My amazon order: a GIANT rainbow log for Nonpig (they are going to flip their shit when I put that thing in there) and Lego Star Wars: the Complete Saga.
3. Ikemen Desu Ne photobook FINALLY showed up. It got sent to the wrong zip code (Dillsburg) first because cdjapan transposed two of my zip code numbers when they were fixing the fact that they tried to send it to Vermont in the first place.

This is not to even mention:

4. the giant box of yarn from Herschnerr's that I ordered a week ago and is still just sitting on my floor until I can finish Chem Teacher Friend's blanket finally, which would be going a lot faster if I didn't keep stopping to make people ruffly scarves (I've done 3 so far).

Yesterday also involved a totally ridiculous schedule because school had 2-hour delay training in the morning and the high school had a pep rally in the afternoon. I went to the high school for training because I'm sick of the jr high's face and actually was feeling sort of okay until I went over there for 1st period and was informed by another teacher (not a supervisor) that my webpage was "subpar." I didn't even know who she was! Do I even have a website at the jr high?! I couldn't even argue because I had no idea what the balls was happening so I just took the lecture until I could go down the French teacher who is also there first period and be like "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!"

It's a shame because the 8th graders are cute and nice and I like having the class of them and it being separate from my entirely useless high school level I's, but oh my god if I could never set foot in the jr high ever again I would do it in a heartbeat. I'm only there 42 minutes and it's always a huge drama that sets me up to be infuriated the rest of the day at my real job.

I think in general also I'm moving from the "so depressed uselesssss" stage into the "ANGRY FUCK YOU" stage, which I guess is progress. the ANGRY stage feels a little better, but on the other hand is more likely to get me fired (esp if somebody else uses the word 'subpar' to my face about me in any context).

I'm sad for NEWS as well, just to stay, but maybe sad most of all because I wasn't surprised. I have mixed feelings also because I'm glad Ryo can stop running back and forth and Yamapi can have one less thing as well, but I am worried without NEWS being right there to fret over Pi's health/welfare that Pi doesn't have the slightest idea how not to run himself into the ground. They'll be okay ♥ the 6 of them plainly feel strongly about each other, and that doesn't go away when johnny messes up your unit. I was just saying to somebody the other day that sometimes when JE drives me crazy, then I read something random, like Tottsu and Shoon being spotted eating sushi out together, and I remember that the thing I love the most is how strong the friendships in JE are, and how they can withstand just about anything even if people get moved or fired or put in a new unit or debuted or anything. So no matter what, I am sure that NEWS's member ai can hold up.

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