October 10th, 2011


cause we can see how, it's gonna end

I'm not a good baker and here is why: a) I don't like to be given directions very much ("sift flour" "eh, I'm sure it's fine") and b) I never really have all the right ingredients exactly. This time I was lacking milk (I have almond milk) and butter (i have Country Crock spread, which you would think is margarine, but on the label it says "LESS FAT THAN MARGARINE" so tbh i have no idea what it is). I only need the butter for the icing, so it probably won't be TOO weird...but then I was like, making a loaf cake is for the weak, i will use these two circular disposable pans i have here randomly.

...i feel pretty sure this orange cake is not going to turn out terribly well. If you are ever coming over and i'm like "I will make you a cake!" you should respond "please go and get the kind that comes in a box." Also my weird apartment oven makes regular food normally but in terms of baking time tends to need nearly half again as much time, so it's always a crapshoot.

At any rate I am really doing not that much on my Columbus Day/Canadian Thanksgiving day off, and eventually drama night people will show up. I need to go let the beagle out at least once (honestly if I can get him in the truck i might bring him over) but in the end I'll have to spend the night at my parents'. But I might actually get this afghan finished though *ganbarus*

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