October 12th, 2011

machine gun hamster

Let's not talk about how the school phone has been blinking with a message for days

I finally checked my RL email that I use for school/professional/union things after ignoring it for a couple weeks again, and discovered an email from someone in the building that was like "i really need to talk to a rep now" and was dated ten days ago. Oops. I do honestly feel bad, because I know better than to let the email go for more than a day or two when union members totally use it to contact me in any number of dramas, but by the same token, this person could have hunted me down in the building or sent me a school meeting any one of those ten days. I've probably passed them in the hallway at least a couple times in that time, our rooms are only one floor apart.

sometimes i think it's a shame how thoroughly I have tricked these RL people into thinking that I am responsible and reliable when I'm such an unmitigated weasel about stuff I don't want to deal with (which, lately, feels like everything). on the upside, i have a class tomorrow where every student is on a field trip, and so I have 42 extra minutes to myself. yaaaaaaay.

Kenpig is hanging out beside me; she seems to like sitting on the pull-down table in the middle of my couch. She's content to mill about in the big box lid and endure petting, unlike Datte who stage-dived off the couch the other day (dammit i thought we had grown out of that stage, stupid snowpigs).

I finished Chem Teacher Friend's afghan and started a scarf which i'm not entirely sure about. I might abandon it and go back to making socks for a little while, which I haven't done since grad school. But I did get some cool sock yarn I want to try out during yarnapalooza last week.

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