October 17th, 2011

haters to the left

I am not feeling this level requirement so much

Stupid pidove, why won't you hatch!! this scavenger hunt thing is actually totally hard if you don't have ten thousand hours to sit here and fuck around the website (like what I did all Saturday).

I am making curry for dinner, which I am excited about because I don't do it all summer while it's hot, and also because honeycrisp apples are still in season which means I can make 'vermont-style' curry (that means you put a sweet apple in it). on top of it being tasty, having lived in Vermont it makes me laugh that in Japan they have any idea what might make something 'Vermont-style' and also that that's something they would want to achieve.

drama night is going to have a problem in that we are totally caught up to the good ikemen subs. oops. oh well, we can still watch JGS.
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