October 18th, 2011

deep thoughts

Everybody go...to Ohio

before the other stuff, Trick or Drabble is going on at je100 until the end of the month, so head on over there if you'd like to either write or give some prompts to the people with 'houses' set up already.

Over the weekend, my aunt called to say they'd moved my grandmother into hospice, and then yesterday when my mother came over for drama night she told me grandma had passed away in the middle of the night. I'm sad but okay; we knew it was going to be any time. I wasn't very close to her since she's always lived far enough away that I only saw her once a year or so. Mostly I feel sad for my father's sake. She was in her mid-90s, so certainly she lived a full life, nearly 70 years of it in the same house.

So I'm going with my parents to Ohio for the funeral not this weekend but next (they're having her cremated and then they have to send her and her things back to Ohio, so it'll take a while), I've got bereavement time at school and all. Dad has to sort out estate stuff with his brother and sister, so we won't get to come home until late on that Monday, and I'll be trading driving with him because Mom refuses to drive the Aztek. None of my brothers are going because 3B is at school, 1B has house closing that weekend (plus it's way too long a drive for nephew really), and 2B, bless him, isn't terribly useful. He'll have to take care of the dog and guinea pigs anyway.

and then NaNo starts on Tuesday. So I'm really not sure at all what's going to happen with that between this, Boston weekend, and then Hawaii week.
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